Classic Scarritt Bennett Wedding - Heather & Dan

Bride and Groom in Historic Church

Heather and Dan were married at Scarritt Bennett in May of 2014. Their reception followed at the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was an elegant and classic wedding that centered around the bride and groom and their families. There were lots of happy tears and the bride and groom looked at each other adoringly all day. Heather just radiated happiness and Dan was stunned by Heather. This wedding contained some of my favorite candids that year- the photograph of Heather crying when she showed her dad the veil that her mom painstaking hand beaded, the photograph when the doors opened and the light from the chapel hit Heather’s face and she began to walk down the aisle towards Dan, and the photograph of Heather’s mom crying while watching Heather and her dad dance. Like I said, lots of crying. The night ended with an exit in a horse drawn carriage where we left the guests behind and took night photographs around the city.

Special thanks has to go to the incredible vendors that put this together- Camie OccasionsEnchanted FloristCountry Music Hall of Fame, Scarritt Bennett, Blue Tone MusicDessert Designs by Leland, and Matchless Transportation.