Backyard Bonfire Wedding – Meg & Jake


This is Meg & Jake’s beautiful backyard bonfire wedding. Meg & Jake met one another in the military as helicopter pilots. They are sweet, hardworking, extremely laid back, and so much fun. When I met Meg for the first time and heard all about their wedding plans I could not wait to photograph their wedding. Meg and Jake were already married but wanted to have a blessing ceremony on their property. They were going to have a reception that ended with everyone in their bathing suits swimming in the river behind their house. They were building a new house in Adams TN and they wanted everything to take place on their property. As 2015 progressed it became quite obvious that their house was not going to be done in time for the wedding. They would make it work. Then a couple weeks before the wedding, Jake and Meg were in a motorcycle accident and Jake broke his foot. He was in an extreme amount of pain. They pressed on. The day of the wedding was rainy and freezing. For a few brief moments we had sun, but through the rest of the day, it was wet and chilly. There wasn’t going to be any swimming in the river. None of this lowered their spirits. They were already married, the people they cared about were still coming, and they were going to enjoy it. Meg is from Texas and Jake is from Kentucky so their friends and family came from all over for their day.

There were definitely some things that had to change in their plans. Because their house was still inhabitable, Meg ended up getting ready at a local salon in an old schoolhouse in Adams. Jake was not able to walk or stand without being in a lot of pain so in hopes that he would make it through the whole day, we did only a few photographs of the two of them. Portraits we can always do, so I didn’t want to risk pushing him too much and having him not be able to enjoy his wedding. I will be doing more photographs once their house is done and he feels better.  There were umbrella’s galore, winter wear, generators, and Jake spent most of his night in a golf cart. With the help of their fantastic vendors especially their planner, Stunning Events, everything turned out beautifully and everyone had a fantastic time. Special thanks to Stunning Events, Enchanted FloristDulce DessertsMusic City Tents & EventsNashville Event LightingAmy Lynn Larwig MUAHamilton Bar Tending Services, and DJ Dan.