A Symphony Center Bridal Session – Laura


I love photographing bridal sessions! They are seriously one my favorite things to do. A lot of times I have to convince a bride to do one because they feel like it makes them vain. It doesn’t. Honestly, they are just so much fun. It’s a great way for me to get to know your personality even more, know how your dress moves, make sure your dress fits correctly (sometimes it suffocates you), see if you like your hair and makeup, and even do a trial run of your bouquet. Plus like I said, we have a blast. We only have a little bit of time to do bridal photographs on your wedding day so this gives us a lot of time to play around and get different looks and poses. Plus your mom loves them and someday your grandkids will look back at how gorgeous grandma was.  This session was with Laura at The Schmerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, TN and I was so happy with what we got. Stay tuned for her wedding in a couple of blog posts!