Year In Review - 2016

It is already 2017. When I was in grade school my mom thought it would be really funny to get me pencils that had my high school graduation year on them. I was the class of 2000. It felt like it was going to take forever, but now post Y2K, (aging myself again) we are 17 years into the 2000s. CRAZY.

This year was a monumental year for me in my career. After working for The Collection since 2009, with the encouragement of my husband, I launched my own brand. It has been a great year. I have had so much support from within the Nashville photography industry and just the Nashville wedding industry in  general, that I have been blown away. I have photographed everything from promotional images for a personal trainer to your babies, your weddings, and even your family reunions and vacations. It has been incredible.

Even though part of our house flooded and we were displaced  or sleeping on couches for almost three months, I am happy to announce that my husband, Taylor, has almost reached the magic 2 year remission mark for his type of cancer. This means that there is a very slight chance that it will ever come back.  

To all of my couples. I really feel that possessive “my”…in a loving and not creepy way…  I LOVED EVERY MINUTE with you all. I can’t imagine anyone could have clients as great as I have had.w You have welcomed into your lives and treated me like I have been there forever. 2016 and my bride and grooms did not disappoint. 

To all the vendors that I work with. No one can tell me that Nashville doesn’t have the greatest group of wedding professionals ever. You continually give me beautiful things to photograph and been so supportive of my business endeavors. 

Without further ado. Here are SOME of my favorite images from my weddings in 2016. Thank you all for making 2016 one of my best years yet. I am still booking weddings in 2017 and I will still be Focusing On Moments That Capture The Emotions You Want To Feel For A Lifetime.