Total Eclipse Proposal - Morgan & Matthew

Matthew called a couple months ago to inquire about my wedding proposal photography services. In hopes that it would throw her off the scent of another big event, Matthew's plan was to surprise Morgan with a trip to Nashville for the weekend to view the total eclipse. After the eclipse he was going to take her to Arrington Vineyards for a private tour. I would be waiting for them at the end. I arrived early and sat at picnic table pretending to be on my phone but still trying to keep an eye out for the moment that Matthew dropped to one knee. Morgan noticed me but later told me that she didn't understand why someone was creepily watching them. Ha! Oops! Creepy is a first I think...I hope. Matthew popped the question and Morgan was in complete shock. It was very obvious that she did not at all expect it to happen! Congratulations guys! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the start of your new life together. Thanks to Mackenzie at Arrington for all her help!