Sneak Peek Murfreesboro Private Home Wedding - Kayla & Dillon

Last month I photographed getting ready photos for Lauren's wedding in her parents' home and this past weekend I got to photograph her sister Kayla's whole wedding there! This is my first back to back weddings of sisters (how do you properly say that?) and I am really loving getting to spend extended time with a family and then getting to do it all over again. Lauren joked that they will see me next month for our next family gathering.

Kayla and Dillon met in college. They are both so sweet and reserved but have a great affinity for adventure. I think they said that on their honeymoon they will see their 19th national park together. Kayla looked stunning and as her brother-in-law Michael said, very Jackie 0. in her short mod dress. Dillon looked very handsome in his suit and green tie! They decided to have their wedding and reception at Kayla's parents' house with only immediate family present. Kayla's mom, Katherine did all the floral and cooked all the food. The couple was married by a judge that is a dear family friend the girls grew up with. After the ceremony everyone sat down in the dining room to a delicious dinner. I was even included at the table and was sent home with amazing leftovers. Katherine, my husband devoured them. Congratulations to Kayla and Dillon! I hope you are enjoying Hawaii. Please enjoy this sneak peek Kayla and Dillon's Murfreesboro Private Home Wedding.

Erin Allender