Easter Wedding Proposal - Shelby & Jackson


I honestly think proposals are one of the most complicated things that I photograph. You can't be seen and you pray and pray that the proposee (is that a word) doesn't walk into bad light or turn away from the camera. Mainly you hope that you don't wreck the surprise!

Jackson, with the help of his family, planned out a very sweet proposal on Easter Sunday at Cheekwood in Nashville, Tennessee. An egg trinket box with the ring in it was placed in a planter with the intention of having Shelby find it. I arrived early and kept an eye out for the couple and watched over the ring. Everything was quiet (other than the woman singing the full soundtrack to Beauty and the Beast) up until the moment I see Shelby and Jackson walk up. At that point a family decides to stand by the bench so I quickly shoo them off. Jackson sees it happen and does a loop past the proposal spot. When they are about ready to walk up again, a woman spots the egg and picks it up. So I run over and ask her to put it back. My heart is racing probably as much as Jackson's at this point and I'm really worried than Shelby has seen all this commotion. But she hasn't. She has NO IDEA. She doesn't even see the egg box. You can see what unfolded below. Once Jackson pointed me out, we did a couple of posed photos, but mainly I stayed back and photographed them basking in their happiness. I would like to call this collection of photos - "The Many Flabbergasted Moments of Shelby". Thanks to Angela Proffitt for sending this adorable couple my way!