Cosmopolitan Cranberry Sauce Recipe


Before I left the house for Shelby and Jackson's wedding I had the bright idea that I would see if I could Kroger Clicklist all the ingredients for a turkey dinner. Taylor had the bubonic plague and I knew that after shooting for 10+ hours, I would be too exhausted to go out. My husband and I would FEAST on New Year's Eve from the comfort of our home.  Here is the extremely easy Cosmopolitan Cranberry Sauce from Epicurious I made to go with everything. Just so you know I have never made this recipe the way that it was intended to be made. When I first tried it 10 years ago I was so broke that I opted for the orange juice version of the recipe rather than the vodka version. I liked it so much that I have never tried it the other way. I love using it on a turkey sandwich with rye bread and goat cheese! Here's the recipe! Enjoy!