Modern Pinnacle Building Wedding - Jenna & Tim


Sometimes on wedding days it rains all day long. And sometimes your open air rooftop ceremony and reception has to be moved inside. And that is okay. Weddings have definitely taught me to roll with the punches. There is always something that doesn’t work out as planned and you have to adapt. And even though their day drastically changed, Jenna and Tim did just that. Their rooftop reception was moved into what was essentially the cafeteria for The Pinnacle Building, but because they hired a great team it did not look like a cafeteria at all. Stunning Events did a fantastic job of making the new space not look like a back up plan.

This was probably my favorite ceremony of the year. Jenna and Tim wrote their own vows that contained so much sentimentality and humor. Their guests and family went from crying to laughing and back to crying again. I was even crying. There is also something wonderful about weddings where the whole bridal party is made up of only family. There is no one that knows you as well as family does and Jenna’s three sisters had everyone cracking up during toasts with their stories of Jenna during her middle school years. I hope you enjoy this rainy day wedding in The Pinnacle Building. Special Thanks to – Stunning EventsDessert Designs by LelandAccent FlowersNashville Event LightingVisual Elements, and Flavor Catering.