Airbnb DIY Destination Wedding – Amanda & Brian


I can’t remember how Amanda and Brian found me. They weren’t working with a planner, they aren’t from here, and they had their wedding at an Airbnb rental in East Nashville so the venue didn’t send them my way. I don’t know how they found me but I’m sure am glad that they did because this couple was amazing. They decided to have a destination wedding in Nashville and they found a rental house with a large amount of property to have their open air wedding and reception. Other than the food, bride’s bouquet, and DJ, this was a complete Do It Yourself wedding (even down to the bar and dance floor) and I was stunned with their final product. Because it was taking place at a vacation home rental that they were staying in for several days, they were able to take time over the weekend to set different items up. By doing it that way they saved themselves from a lot of stress and headaches. Amanda and Brian, their bridal party, and their friends and family were incredible to work with and any couple that is obsessed enough with their dogs to bring them with them to Nashville with them are my kind of people. Below are images from their DIY Airbnb Destination Wedding. Special thanks to Beyond Details!