Sneak Peek Bengali-American Wedding Weekend - Tanya & Asad

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these two are madly in love. As soon as they look at each other, they light up. This past weekend I was very fortunate to photograph two of the days of their wedding celebration. Saturday night was the Gaye Holud. During the Gaye holud, gifts are brought to the bride and groom (including their wedding attire), tumeric is rubbed on their faces and sweets are hand fed to them by their relatives. All of this was done as a beautification process for their reception the next day. 

Sunday was their reception. And with the help of Angela Proffitt, the couple added their personal touch to their decor. Their centerpieces centered around their love for sci-fi and video games, quotes on their favor boxes came from well loved movies, video games, etc., and their music although it most of it sounded like chamber music, was actually some of their favorite rock songs. Sunday also included the traditional gate ceremony where the bride's family blocked the groom and his family from entering the hall. His family had to bid on his behalf in order for him to enter in to the reception see his bride. They paid and pushed their way through only for Asad's shoes to be stolen by the bride's family. To get the shoes, he had to pay for them. I don't think he ever did!

Working with this bride and groom and their immediate and extended families was incredible. They were some of the nicest and kindest people that I have ever encountered and I don't think I have ever been asked if I have eaten so much in my life....which if you know me, that is my love language. I also love color so this was a dream come true. There was honestly some of the most beautiful clothing I have ever seen. Thank you so much for including me in your wedding weekend.

Special thanks to the vendors:
Planning & Design: Angela Proffitt
Venue: Hilton Downtown Nashville
Florals: Lauren Marie Atkinson
Drape: Visual Elements
Lighting: Nashville Event Lighting
Linens: BBJ Linen
Seating: Please Be Seated
Hair & Makeup Sunday Reception: Karissa Paige Beauty
Dessert: Ivey Cakes

Day Two - The Reception & Gate Ceremony