Dove Wedding Photography

Dove Wedding Photography

Photography: Joel Hartz

Photography: Joel Hartz

Photography: Mandy Whitley Photography Hair & Makeup: Amy Lynn Larwig

Photography: Mandy Whitley Photography
Hair & Makeup: Amy Lynn Larwig

Hi, I'm Erin.   I'm Originally from Chicago, but in 2007, I moved to Nashville where I met my future husband, Taylor (on ... we'll talk about that later!). We're now married and live with our two dysfunctional dogs in Nashville, TN.  I've been photographing full time since 2009 (it really bothers me that there is a rhyme here) and you may know me previously from my work with The Collection.

Here are a few things I think you should know about me. 

When I throw a party, I want to invite everyone because I don’t want to hurt anyone's feelings.

I value honesty...a lot...and, it helps that I'm a horrible liar; I have a Lutheran-sized guilty conscience.

I have been told I’m spunky or feisty...

But, my desire to make anyone around me comfortable and happy outweighs just about anything and everything else. 

I love how different places and music Can give you a certain feeling.

I love the sound of plastic covers on library books. I'm a cafe lights, sitting outside during the summer kind of person. I believe everyone should be treated kindly though I’m not always good at it. If I’m downtown and someone looks lost, I will try to help them find where they need to go.


I dislike the pretentiousness of the #liveauthentic movement. No, you are not just sitting on top of a mountain drinking from your french press. Even though I hate things that are unauthentic,  I unashamedly love Hallmark Movies.

I'm super girlie, but won't spend hours doing my hair or makeup. 

I LOVE food and once beat a 6'5" guy at an eating contest. (Fun fact: I'm 5' 1 1/2").  Until 26, I could do this without going to a gym… sucks to get old. Most of my Facebook statuses are about food.

I played drums and sang background vocals in a band, but never felt like I fit in; I’m not cool or edgy enough. I’ve always been basically a soccer mom without the kids (or the mini van). I also can talk to a brick wall which is why this is so long.

So. Yeah. There you go.